About SPA

Berbera port was first built by Russians 1968 which was 320M and Americans in 1985 which was 330M. The Berbera sea Port is located on the south Coast of the Gulf of Aden at the Coordinate 10.26 degrees North and 45/1 Degrees east and is approximately 250KM East of Djibouti. Ships from the red Sea approach Berbera towards the Southeast and those from the Gulf States turn southwest. Which has five (5) Liner Berth and one (1) Ro.Ro Berth? There Separate Jetties for Fuel Import or Ships bunker and for Fishing Pleasure Craft.
Wind Direction is generally Southward from 220 degrees. At approximately 20 knots during the Moring hours and northward from 330 degrees at 13 Knots during the evening hours. There are Very Slight monthly variations except during the monsoon period which occurs in July, August. Each year. Its location makes Hub for Africa for goods in transit to Ethiopia, Somaliland and Other parts of horn of Africa. Berbera has two anchorages. The outer anchorages are 5 to 10 Cables from main lighthouse and it has a good turning circles.
There is also an inner anchorage. There is a 650-Meter-Long linear wharf Berbera Port activities which the company involves are: Livestock, which has the first priority, Containers & general cargo.

The port of Berbera was previously administered by the Berbera Port Authority (BPA) which is a public institution directly accountable to the government of Somaliland. However, with the DP World  deal in 2016, the management of the Berbera Port was transferred to DP World Berbera.
17 February 2017, BPA became private landlords and with Presidential decree was established Somaliland Ports Authority on 2017. 
Somaliland Ports Authority provide marine services including
  • Vessel traffic management
  • Provision of aids to navigations
  • Pilot age and towage
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Anchorage facilities
  • Dredging
  • Berthing 
  • Harbour master duties

Somaliland Ports Authority encompasses the:
  • Port of Berbera 
  • Port of Maydh 
  • Port of Saylac